Camp Leader: Coach Jay

All of our coaches and volunteers are background checked. For references on Coach Jay, please contact Shoreline Little League.

For over a decade, Coach Jay has been a dedicated figure on the little league scene in Shoreline Washington. Over the years Jay has become renowned for his ability to create an enjoyable and inclusive environment for young players to thrive and learn.

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Coach Sky

Skyler Manelski is a north Seattle/shoreline native. He grew up playing For Richmond little league for 10 years and played for Shorewood Highschool. He is a pitcher who grew up playing for local select teams like Rijo Athletics, Taylor Baseball, and Kirkland Merchants.

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Coach Jameson

I go to Shorewood high school where I play for the varsity stormrays baseball team. I grew up going to echo lake elementary. I love baseball and have played my whole life first with Shoreline little league and then with the Shoreline Royals for the past 7 years. 

Favorite positions are pitching and outfield.

Outside of baseball I love to play basketball with friends and spend time hanging out with my brother.

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Local Player Coaches

Our upcoming camp will be an extraordinary experience as we tap into the expertise of top Little League coaches, local high school and college players. These skilled individuals will play an integral role in shaping the camp’s success. The Little League coaches, with their vast knowledge and experience, will mentor and guide young athletes, imparting invaluable techniques and strategies.

Meanwhile, the high school and college players, brimming with talent and enthusiasm, will serve as role models and offer personalized attention to the camp attendees. This collaboration will create a dynamic learning environment, fostering growth, skill development, and a love for the game. Together, these exceptional coaches and players will elevate your players to new heights.

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Join us on creating memories, forging friendships, and having a whole lot of fun along the way.