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Jaytech Baseball is thrilled to announce the formation of our very own select baseball teams! We are forming teams 10u-14u for local and close travel ball. As a local organization dedicated to promoting youth baseball, we are excited to bring together talented players from our community, as well as individuals who have attended our own baseball camps.

Our goal is to create a strong, competitive team for families of all income levels. If you’re passionate about baseball and eager to join a fun team, sign up today!

Scrimmage teams are free

Because our scrimmage teams are funded and supported by sponsors, it is free of charge to join! The only thing you may ever need to purchase will be the uniform. We also offer scholarships for those that may have a harder time affording it.

We believe in nurturing local talent and providing opportunities for players to showcase their skills on a broader platform. Our travel team is specifically designed to incorporate the most promising players from the community who have demonstrated exceptional abilities and dedication to the game.

By assembling a team from our own backyard, we aim to create a strong sense of unity and pride among our players, their families, and our local supporters. This endeavor allows us to shine a spotlight on the talent that resides within our community, fostering a sense of camaraderie and representing our area with distinction.

Tournament select teams

There will be a charge this year for the tournaments. We are still working out all the details and pricing.

The process for our travel team is unique in that it extends an invitation to both local players and attendees of our baseball camps. By opening up opportunities to those who have participated in our camps, we can identify individuals who have not only honed their skills but have also embraced the core values of Jaytech Baseball: sportsmanship, teamwork, and dedication.

This inclusive approach ensures that players who have been part of our camps, as well as those who have developed their skills locally, have a chance to be part of our travel team and experience the excitement of competitive baseball.

A pathway to excellence

Joining the Jaytech Baseball select teams presents an incredible pathway to further develop your baseball skills and compete at a higher level. Our experienced coaching staff is committed to providing top-notch training, focusing on advanced techniques, game strategies, and mental preparedness.

As a member of our travel team, you will have the opportunity to face strong competition, participate in tournaments, and represent Jaytech Baseball with pride. This exposure to challenging situations and heightened competition will undoubtedly enhance your growth as a player, enabling you to reach new heights and achieve your baseball aspirations.

Don’t miss out…

on the chance to be a part of Jaytech Baseball’s 1st Select Team. A team built on local talent with strong passion for the game. Joining our scrimmage teams is free of charge, as we aim to provide opportunities for all deserving players within our community.

Whether you have participated in our camps or have showcased your skills in local leagues, we encourage you to sign up today. By becoming a member of our travel team, you will be joining a close-knit community of dedicated individuals who share a common love for baseball. Fill out the form to express your interest, and our team will reach out to you with more details, schedules, and further information. Let’s embark on this incredible journey together and make Jaytech Baseball proud!